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Remember these when you’re renting a car

The entertainment system of a car is a little underestimated, sometimes we do not prepare well the entertainment features that exist in the car, for example, to listen to music or see movies on the screen monitor, check whether the car has entertainment features (entertainment) that standard or better if more. Do not rent a car, for example, the music feature is dead because it will be very boring for us when traveling, make sure the car entertainment system also runs normally (not below normal for example often dead). On the other hand, if you’d like to rent a limo, it’s recommended for you to check out car service Miami.

Tires / Wheels

When renting a car check whether the tire is in good condition because these tires are in contact with the asphalt / the outside world automatically become the initial safety option for us, choose a car with good tires / very good. A good tire is having enough tire thickness (not touching TWI triangle) so it is not easy to leak/erupt, the pattern is still good (not exhausted) so it is not slippery on the road. T


The engine also needs to be checked even though it is basically because basically the car rental owner always caring for the car engine. How to check a rental car engine simply by opening the hood and turn on and listen to his voice/vibration, a good engine usually sounds smooth and stable, the vibration is also minimal and no other sounds suspicious.