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The making of the continuous foundation

The process of making the foundation should not be done carelessly because it will affect the security and comfort of the building. There are several conditions that must be met by a good foundation. Meanwhile, you may go to a concrete crack repair service when your foundation must be fixed.

We summarize it in the following explanation:

1. The construction must be strong and sturdy so as not to experience shifting places or ambles

2. Must be able to adjust when ground events move, expand, or shrink

3. Be able to withstand the effects of organic and inorganic soil elements.

Stages in making installation of a continuous foundation:

– Measurements of parcels. Make a measurement of the plot of land that will be made a foundation. Put bow plank and yarn according to the agreed work drawings.

 – Create a dig. This level of depth can be adjusted to the carrying capacity required by the building above it. The depth of foundation of one-floor building width 60 cm, depth 80 cm, for 2-floor width 80 cm, depth 100 cm.

– Empty stone pairs or stamping. Give the sand evenly with a thickness of 20 cm at the bottom of the foundation and then stack the stone or stamping with the required height of 60cm – 70 cm with the stone positioned upright.

– Pour the concrete mix. The mixture of sand and cement uses a ratio of 1: 5. Add enough water to the mixture and pour it into the arrangement of stone that has been arranged in such a way as to dig the soil. Combine this mixture with an iron rod until it completely fills every gap that exists between the rocks.

Urug with soil. After the pairs on the foundation hardened, dig with a blank ground plane on the left and right of the foundation. When the foundation is perfectly dry, ready to proceed to make the building structure on it.

In addition to using rocks, continuous foundations can be made of masonry, with a base width of 2 – 3 times the thickness of the masonry for the walls, but usually only small buildings. To support larger building loads and many still have to use the foundation with stone pairs of times.