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Types of Web Hosting

What is meant by web hosting is an internet service in the form of rental space data storage services or online data storage and bandwidth on the parties who want to open a website. With this web hosting, users can enter the information they want to input into the website, can be a science, or also to market your goods. This website can be accessed by only your own or also can be accessed by all people. Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=didXo3svEeQ to get more information about it.

Here are some types of web hosting:

– Virtual hosting

Virtual (shared) hosting is the type of web hosting most widely used by most people. In one server there are many hosting and one of those hosting is our own and there are also many another hosting. The cost of hosting rental is relatively cheap and therefore many people use this type of hosting for their daily interests.

– Free hosting

Free hosting or free hosting, as the name implies, is a hosting that does not require the cost of rental services to run this hosting, free hosting is one type of hosting the most widely used beginners because not many risks that need to be taken to simply create a website service they want. However, most services like this display many ads and also have certain limitations such as the amount of bandwidth, and so forth.

In addition to the two types of hosting above, there is more hosting with the name of collocated and dedicated hosting. For those of you who want to buy hosting, pay attention to capacity, backbone or technology used, support services, backups, databases, as well as bandwidth because it all affects your comfort in managing your site and affect the convenience of users who want to access the web you have. Without good support, your site will be very difficult to control and very unfriendly to visitors due to frequent downs, frequent bandwidth limit exceeded, old access, and so on. Surely if it happens it is definitely very harmful, is not it? It’s clear pay, it turns out its features are not very supportive.