Reasons Why You Need Your Own Web Hosting

For a blogger or web developer who often build a website for business purposes, would have been very familiar with the term Hosting, hosting is a place that is used to store all the data on a website, if likened to a life then this hosting functions like a house used to store all the needs of the owner of the house. Visit to get more information about this.

In general, hosting is divided into two categories namely shared hosting and also private servers (such as Cloud Server / VPS / Dedicated Server), as for the difference from both types of hosting is very different once, if on shared hosting your website will be on one server with other websites while for your absolute dedicated server. There are many reasons why you should have your Own Hosting:

– Your Website Will Look More Professional
The reason why having your own hosting is next will help your website look more professional, it is very important if you are indeed an internet marketer who make money through internet, because if your blog or website is not professional then most likely your customer will be lazy to buy product that you sell, therefore if you want to have a website that looks professional then there is no harm if you use a hosting.

– Free to use plugins as per requirement
The next reason why you should have your own hosting on wordpress platform is because you can freely use plugins to suit your needs, be it for the purposes of optimization or for the purposes of design for example or even There are also plugins that are able to make blogs more easily crawled by robot machines search, there is also a function to increase the convenience of visitors, this is much different if you use a blogger that is not supported with plugins, well then if you have difficulty in optimizing a website then there is no harm if you use your own hosting on your wordpress website

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