Know the variety of house foundations

Given the fragility or solidity of the building depending on the foundation of the house, the foundation itself needs to consider the amount of construction that will be on the foundation. This consideration is in addition to ensuring the strength of the building foundation on it, as well as saving the cost of building the foundation itself. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to call foundation repair in Pasadena TX if you’ve got some mistakes done with your foundation construction process.

Similarly, the interior and exterior that need a touch by adjusting the room like the desired home model, as well as the foundation of the house must also adjust to the shape of the house. In short, each type of home generally uses different types of house foundations depending on the size and structure of the house to be built. So in this case adjusting the type of foundation with the character of the house needs to be done to ensure the strength of the built house.

Types of Homes

In general, the type of foundation is divided into two distinct groups, namely the foundations of deep and shallow foundations. Here is the definition of each type of foundation:

Inner Foundation

The foundation is usually used for the construction of houses or buildings with large load capacity, such as houses consisting of several floors, towers, towers, apartments, hotels, high-rise buildings and the like. The foundation is divided into three types: Piles Foundation, Bor Pile Foundation, and Stile Pile Foundation.

Shallow Foundation

A shallow foundation is usually used for the construction of houses that do not use a load that is too large, for example, 1 story house, shop, kiosk, guardhouse, police station, or other small buildings. There are several types of foundations that include the category of shallow foundations: Rollag Foundation (brick), Foundation pole (foot plate), Bamboo Terucuk Foundation, Masonry Stone Foundation, and Claw Chicken Foundation.

In addition to the above two types of a foundation of the house, there are many more types of foundations of architect innovation. The purpose of developing the foundation structure is actually a form of effort to create a foundation structure in cost savings, but otherwise, the purpose of this development is to obtain a strong foundation structure to support the beauty of the

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