It’s a Secret to Make Delicious Sausage BBQ

In addition to beef and chicken, sausage could be a choice of New Year’s BBQ menu. This processed meat tastes delicious and easy to cook. Making BBQ sausage is not hard. The key lies in the selection, handling, seasoning, and how to burn sausages. If all done right then produce a juicy sausage and taste the delicious flavor. You can visit our website to get smokers and barbecue.

1. Choose sausage

Various types of sausages such as frankfurter, bratwurst, or Weiner can be processed into a BBQ. Should select a good quality sausage with natural ingredients and safe to eat.

2. Preparing Sausages

Avoid cutting or bottle sausages for BBQ. Better still let the sausage in a state intact for the texture remains moist and the taste was awake. Section cutting and bonding sausage to make spices and liquids in sausage out so that the sausage texture becomes dry and tasteless savory. If you want time to burn or bake faster, you can boil the sausage first. The way is boiled sausage with low fire until the surface is slightly darker color. Add garlic, onions, or other favorite spices in the water for sausage taste delicious tasty. If you want a more unique blend of flavor, boiled sausage with chicken or beef broth.

3. Sausage Sauce

The BBQ sauce is best suited for sauce spread and sausage dip. This sauce tastes sweet with a spicy accent. Can be bought so in the supermarket or made your own. To make BBQ sauce, margarine, chili, red chili, garlic, onion, ketchup, sweet soy sauce and black pepper are needed. Saute chili and onion until wilted, then enter other ingredients. Stir until boiling, remove. Grease sausage with BBQ sauce before it is burned and served. Do not forget to prepare ketchup and chili sauce to add the taste of sausage.

4. Burn Sausage

Sausage can burn directly on the BBQ grill or on the stove using the pan grill. Use a medium-size flame to make the sausages mature evenly and not charred. Do not forget to turn the sausage side when baked. For maximum results, use a special sausage clamp that keeps the sausage fat wasted and its shape remains intact when burned on a BBQ grill. Sausages will be perfectly cooked at 65 -70C.

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