Cause of Cracked Concrete Structures

In reinforced concrete construction is often the occurrence of cracks when it is already anticipated from the beginning of planning, examples of causes of cracked concrete structures include these things. Before that, you can visit our website to get free foundation repair estimate in San Marcos TX.

– Incomplete planning calculations
Consultant planners sometimes experience failure due to errors in the planning of a building that results not exactly as the size of the concrete structure, the amount of iron size required, and the quality of concrete to be used.

– Imposing too fast loading
This should be noted because of the strength of concrete without a special mixture aged ± 28 days. If the age of concrete has not been up to 28 days then it can not receive the maximum load. If the loading occurs beyond the capacity of the concrete feeding it will likely crack and even break.

– Concrete mold is not strong
The cause of one of the cracked concrete structures is due to the non-strong concrete molding, such as on the beam or floor plate so that it is deflected and cracks occur when the deflection is beyond the maximum limit. Other causes such as dismantling formwork too fast so that concrete has not really hardened.

– Conducting improper / not accurate placement
When the project has started it is necessary to be very careful supervision at the time of execution, to ensure the materials and tools used in accordance with the working drawings such as size and size specifications.

– Concrete treatment after casting is not thorough
Curing is a concrete treatment that needs to be done so that the concrete is not cracked, the way to install it is to do the watering, concrete cover with a wet sack and so on.

– There was an unexpected disaster
The cause of such cracked concrete structures cannot be prevented because of natural causes, such as earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis.

– The presence of rust on iron
The rust on iron is also the source of the cracking of the concrete, so when the storage of goods on the project site should be paid attention to the safe storage so that the iron is not easily rusty.

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